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I began practicing yoga in 2001 as a way to strengthen my body after the birth of my first son.  I discovered a life altering way to focus my mind through breathing and movement. This is when my practice really took hold.

Yoga calms me, makes me less reactive, more mindful of my actions, and more accepting of others and myself. It is the practice of paying attention to the habitual way your thoughts unfold and uncovers the deep grooves of the mind and layers of self that that we can truly know ourselves.  A regular yoga practice nourishes the heart and soul and helps you live life fully awake.

My classes emphasize clarity of alignment and a steady connection to the breath. Through clear instruction and an exploration of the eightfold path of Ashtanga yoga, I challenge my students to move beyond the physical practice and understand the impact that cultivating self love and awareness has off the mat. 

I am so grateful for all of my teachers, my students, my partner Leiv and my children all of whom continually inspire me.  I look forward to sharing this practice with you.


Certifications and Trainings

200 Hour RYT Certification/Silvia Mordini & Jenniferlyn Chiemingo/April 2012

25 Hour Children's Yoga Teacher Certification/Nicole Koleshis/April 2012

33 Hour Origins of Alignment and Mastering the Art of Touch/Donna Farhi/October 2013

15 Hour Restorative Yoga Certification/Jodi Boone/February 2016

40 Hour Assisting Intensive/Janet Stone/October 2016

85 Hour Pre and Post Natal Certification/Jodi Boone and Tami Hafzalla/January 2017

12 Hour The Art of Teaching Alignment/Desiree Rumbaugh and Andrew Riven/January 2018

20 Hour Ayurveda on Your Mat/Angela Glaz and Caitlin Rose/April 2018

27 Hour Yoga Therapeutics Teacher Training/Amy Ippoliti/September 2018

30 Hour Meridians and Qi: Level Two Yin Yoga Teacher Training/Leah Adams and Eric Baumgartner



I practice yoga to reconnect with what is real. Nancy has a teaching method that does just that and more. She inspires me to be free and boundless. Her beautiful soul illuminates the studio and her wholehearted approach radiates through her compassionate guidance.  Effortlessly, she directs you back to the present moment where you feel anything is possible even when you’re having one of those days where you want to withdraw and escape.

I’m continually awestruck at how calm and grounded I feel after taking one of her classes. I emerge restored and with openness and clarity in my heart. Transformed with a more quiet mind and a pure sense of wonderment always keeps me coming back. With love and so much gratitude.

Susan C.

Nancy’s teaching is grounded in a deep knowledge of the 8-limbed path of yoga.  Each of Nancy’s classes is designed to offer a well-balanced physical experience combining specific asanas through intelligent and creative sequences.  Additionally, Nancy challenges her students to work toward mindful presence and awareness in each class.  Most importantly, Nancy has the rare gift of genuine compassion and authenticity that creates a sincere and honest experience for her students in every class.

Manisha D.

"Nancy offers an active yet balancing class with, led with an open heart and a grounding presence. As a student, these elements allow for inward reflection and facilitate a connection to the mind and body. While Nancy has a solid working knowledge of anatomy, asana, and how to skillfully instruct structural integrity within poses, her classes go beyond asana into the deeper aspects of yoga as she interweaves philosophy, the chakras, the elements, meditation, and pranayama throughout class. As both a student and teacher of yoga, Nancy both offers the type of class that I am inspired to take and the type of class that I aspire to teach." 

Sarah E.

 "Nancy's teaching style perfectly balances a strong physical yoga practice with mindful movement. She artfully guides her students to surrender to the physical and mental realities of the present moment while simultaneously challenging them to move outside their comfort zone. I leave every class feeling like I've learned something new about yoga, my body, and/or my mind, and I would recommend Nancy's classes to any aspiring yogi - from beginners to advanced." 

Sara S.



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